NCAA Mad March against the situation released all wins into the top seed
On March 16, Beijing time, NCAA Mad March is about to hit!Today, the top 68 of the NCAA tournament has been decided, the 68 teams will be divided into four divisions to chase and fight.All matches are preset to a single-game elimination system until the final championship team is decided.  Pioneer University, Vilanova University, Duke University and University of Wisconsin have become the top seeds of the four divisions.Among them, the preliminary university with an impressive record of 34 wins and 0 losses in the regular season has become the nation’s top seed!The top seeds of the four divisions are released. The details of the match are as follows: Midwest Division: Alignment (1) vs. Manhattan/North Florida Cincinnati (8) vs. Colorado State (9) Wichita State (5) vs. New York State University BuffaloCity Campus (12) Baylor University (4) vs Georgia State (13) Notre Dame University (3) vs New Mexico (14) Southern Methodist University (6) vs New Jersey State (11) Oregon (7) vs OklahomaState (10) Wisconsin (2) vs. Carolina Coast University (15) Western Division: Virginia (1) vs. University of Alabama Birmingham (16) Iowa (8) vs Davidson (9) George Town (5) vs MississippiUniversity/Brigham Young University West Virginia State (4) vs Eastern Washington University (13) Oklahoma (3) vs Northeastern University (14) San Diego State (6) vs Indiana (11) Providence (7)vs Dayton University (10) Arizona (2) vs Texas Southern University (15) Eastern Division: Villanova (1) vs Lafayette (16) Virginia Commonwealth University (8) vs Stockholm State (9) Arkansas State (9)5) vs Austin State (12) North Carolina (4) vs Yale (13) Maryland (3) vs Albany (14) Butler University (6) vs Texas State/Boise State Michigan State (7) vs NorthCard (10) Kansas (2) vs Belmont (15) Southern Division: Duke (1) vs Point State/Robert Morris University St. John (8) vs Georgia (9) Louisville (5) vs Warford(12) Northern Iowa (4) vs Valparaiso (13) Iowa State (3) vs UC Irvine (14) Utah (6) vs Temple (11) Xavier (7)) vsPurdue (10) Gonzaga (2) vs North Dakota State (15) Note: Manhattan/North Florida, University of Mississippi/Brigham Young University, Texas State/Boise State, adjacent to State/Robert MorrisThe eight teams in the university need to play a one-on-one knockout, and the winner will enter the final 64.  Starting from this Wednesday, the top 68 will begin in Ohio, and the final event will start on April 7 in Indianapolis Antiques.(If aka)