“Crow Mouth” Bailey sings down Brazil team says World Cup is full of surprises
Known as the “crow’s mouth”, the king of the ball Bailey couldn’t help but also predicted the Brazil Football World Cup. He believes that Spain and Germany may win the championship, while the host Brazil is difficult to win the team’s sixth championship trophy.  In March, he said that Brazil will advance to this year’s World Cup final, and his opponent in the final will be France.But then he also said that Germany, Spain and host Brazil are the three biggest championship teams this year.But in April, Bailey’s forecast changed again.”It’s hard to say who won the championship. The World Cup is full of surprises. Teams like Italy, England and Argentina have always been strong, as have France. Now I have watched a lot of matches and tracked some teams. Today I think the best two teamsSpain and Germany.At the same time, Bailey said: “For me, Brazil will always be considered a champion.We are trying to tell people that the World Cup is very difficult. We were the host in the 1950 World Cup, but in the end we lost.There is no doubt that the Brazilian team is under great pressure, which will cause some problems.”(Xinhua News Agency)