2015 NBA Playoffs G3 Cavaliers VS Eagles Reporter Cavaliers overtime win 3-0
Beijing time on May 25, the Cavaliers returned to the home, overtime to beat the Hawks 114-111, the total score was 3-0 lead.  The Cavaliers have reached the finals with one foot. In NBA history, the team that led 3-0 has never been overturned.LeBron James made a triple-double, but his shooting percentage was poor, only 14 of 37 shots, contributed 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, Matthews Delavedova scored 17 points, Iman ShampooWith 15 points, Tristan Thompson had 10 points and 7 rebounds.JR Smith came off the bench with 17 points and 10 rebounds.  Eagles general Al Horford was expelled in the first half and scored 14 points and 4 rebounds.Jeff Teague scored 30 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, Paul Millsap 22 points, Kent Bazamore 14 points and 7 rebounds, Demar Carroll 10 points.James commanded Mozgov to make a layup. During his career in James, he led 2-0 in the playoffs 14 times. As a result, his team was promoted.This time, facing the same situation again, James is full of confidence, but he dare not have the slightest care.We have the same desire for victory as the first and second games, he said.  Cavaliers general Kyrie Irving continued to be sidelined, wearing suits to help the sidelines.The Hawks lost Kyle Korver in the last game, and the rest of the games could not be played. Horford was also injured in the last game, but insisted on playing.  After the opening, the Cavaliers were in a mediocre state, and James frequently missed a shot. He missed 8 shots in the first quarter and scored nothing.After playing for 5 minutes, the Cavaliers only scored one goal, trailing 4-12.Shampert made a three-pointer and the Cavaliers had a relatively high field goal percentage, so they were not pulled too much by the Eagles.Five minutes into the quarter, after the Hawks led 16-7, Smith hit a three-pointer, and then Shampert made a long shot again, and the Cavaliers scored 13-19.In the last 3 minutes and 28 seconds of this section, the Cavaliers only scored one goal, and the Hawks have only one wonderful game in sports. After the first quarter, the Cavaliers only trailed 21-24.  Despite James’ poor condition, the Cavaliers have an excellent play from the outside and are still chasing the Eagles.In the second quarter James started to bloom, and the Cavaliers chased after him.With 5 minutes and 53 seconds left in this section, James made a layup and the Cavaliers trailed 30-36.After Horford’s layup in the air, the Hawks regained an 8-point advantage.But James was still not slow, assisting his teammates to meet, and then dunked after his own breakthrough. After the Cavaliers played a wave of 12-2, there were 2 minutes and 53 seconds to exceed 42-40 in this section.Carroll and Teague hit three points in succession, and the Hawks regained their advantage.There are 34 in this section.At 3 seconds, Horford was deliberately pressed against Delavidova when he fell. As a result, a malicious foul was played and he was directly expelled.Delavido made two free throws and the Cavaliers only trailed 48-49 in the first half.  Horford, who had the best performance in the first half, was expelled, and the Hawks played away, surrounding an unprecedented breakthrough.The Cavaliers attacked a lot, James still didn’t feel the long shot, but continued to break through wonderfully.With 6 minutes and 45 seconds left in the third quarter, James caused a violation of the ball and the Cavaliers led 65-58.The Eagles stubbornly counterattacked, hitting a wave of 9-2, when there are 4 minutes and 10 seconds in this section, Mark hit a shot and pulled the score to 67-67.Delavedova scored another three-pointer. James grabbed an offensive rebound and made a few layups. The Cavaliers took the lead again.In the past 2 minutes, the Cavaliers scored 7 points, leading 74-67.There are 34 in this section.At 9 seconds, Mark hit a three-pointer and the Hawks only trailed 76-81.Bazamore missed two free throws since then and missed the opportunity to continue to narrow the gap.  The Hawks are already fighting back, and the fourth quarter continues to counterattack.With 3 minutes and 51 seconds left in this section, Bazzmore hit a three-pointer against Jones, and the Eagles overtake with 100-97.The Cavaliers immediately returned to the color. After the consecutive pours, Smith also hit a three-pointer and the two sides drew.  Teague hit the board at the critical moment.With 1 minute and 38 seconds left in the regular time, he forcibly broke through the defender and hit a close-range draw shot. One person scored 4 points, and the Eagles led 104-100.  The Cavaliers missed consecutive shots.James was caught and had to pass the ball, but grabbed an offensive rebound and made two free throws.After Teague also missed the shot, James attracted the defense and passed the ball. Thompson broke the layup and the Cavaliers entered the last minute with a gap of 1 point.  The Hawks missed a shot, James launched a fast break, but was tripped after the center line, the referee did not play a foul.But the Hawks’ shot was hit by Thompson’s yoke.Chambord caused a foul, making two free throws and 18 in this section.At 1 second, the two sides battle into 104-104.  Teague took control of the last goal and sent the buzzer instead of hitting, both sides entered overtime.  The Hawks took the lead in overtime free throws, but Thompson made a layup with a strong layup, and Smith hit a three-pointer. With 3 minutes and 29 seconds left, the Cavaliers led 109-106.  Teague supported the eagle.With 55 seconds left in the game, he made three consecutive points after shaking, and the Hawks led 111-109.James wanted to return to the color, but he missed his back.Thompson grabbed a key offensive rebound, James received the ball from the perimeter, made a three-pointer after shaking off the defender, and there were 36 games left.At 4 seconds, the Cavaliers surpassed 112-111.  James injured his right leg, but insisted on staying on the court.There are 12 more games.At 8 seconds, he hit the board after the breakthrough and the Cavaliers led 114-111.  The Hawks still had a chance to equalize, but Mark missed a three-pointer and, after grabbing an offensive rebound, missed a long shot.The eagle fell short, and surrounded 0-3 backward despair.  Leaning exhausted, James knelt on the court and took a long time to get up and celebrate with his teammates.