2018 latest Champions League history scorer list Benzema broke Real Madrid 2-1 victory over Pilsen and rose to fourth in the Champions League scorer list
At 3:00 am on October 24th, Beijing time, in the third round of Group G of the Champions League group, Real Madrid defeated Pilsen 2-1 at home in Bernabeu.In the 11th minute, Benzema scored a header, broke his 52-day goal shortage, and also rose to the fourth place in the history of the Champions League.  Benzema performed well in the beginning of the season, scoring goals in the European Super Cup and scoring 4 goals in the first three rounds of La Liga.But then Benzema surrounded the continuous goal shortage. His last goal was still when Real Madrid defeated Leganes 4-1 at home on September 2nd. After 8 consecutive games, they did not enter the game for a total of 553 minutes.ball.As the main center of Real Madrid’s top giants, it is unsatisfactory for Benzema to observe without scoring for so long.  However, in this game Benzema finally scored. In the 11th minute of the game, Vazquez crossed from the right. Benzema nodded after the penalty area and broke the goal to help Real Madrid lead 1-0!This goal ended Benzema’s goal shortage, and also Benzema’s 57th goal in the Champions League. He surpassed Fanny (56 goals) and rose to the fourth place in the history of the Champions League.The top three are Ronaldo (129 goals), Messi (105 goals) and Raul (71 goals).  Benzema scored 12 goals for Lyon in the UEFA Champions League and 45 goals for Real Madrid.He is also the third player to score in the Champions League for 14 consecutive seasons. Only Messi and Raul did this before.It is worth mentioning that before the game, Pilsen victory captain Hubnik also said at the press conference that I think the most dangerous player of Real Madrid is Benzema. At that time, people did not believe him, but Benzawaz proved it withThe opponent’s captain is the one who knows himself best.  In the second half, Benzema still had a good chance to bloom. In the 69th minute, Bell shot was blocked. Benzema made a supplementary shot in front of the goal but unfortunately was not interfered by the opposing defender. The result was the goalkeeper.In the 83rd minute Modric went straight and Benzema faced the goalkeeper in the penalty area. Unfortunately, he shot with a right foot and hit the ball on his left foot to pop the bottom line.In addition, Benzema scored a goal in the 71st minute but was found to be offside.In any case, being able to end the budget shortage before the Spanish national derby is good news for both Benzema and Real Madrid.