Started to dominate the Chinese Go world after 95: 22 years old and old world champion
Minnan News, February 28th, “I was 22 years old and won the world championship.On the 26th, in the research room of the 15th Nongshim Xin Ramen Cup World Go Team Championship, the Chinese team coach of the current Nongshim Cup and the world champion, Yue Jiuduan, joked a half-and-a-half, but it contained deep meaning.At 2 p.m. today, the final of the Nongshim Cup will begin between Shi Yue and South Korean leader Park Ting-hwan.A few years ago, the 20s and 30s players had reached the top quite a few years ago, but now “post-95” has begun to dominate the world.Last year, when 22-year-old Shi Yue won the first World Cup LG Cup in the first year, he set off a championship craze for Chinese chess players. Six young Chinese chess players took all six championships. This “young storm”Let the world take notice.  Since 2011, the Chinese Go team has held three consecutive Go-Go tournaments across ages.”In the first year, we formed three teams after 70, 80, 90, and won after 90.In the second year, he won after 90s.Last year, we subdivided the post-90s into one, a group of pre-95s, a group of post-95s, but we didn’t expect the post-95s to be even better.”Hua Xueming, the leader of the Chinese Go team, said.Youdao “marketization has changed the way for a new generation of young Go players.”The Chinese Go team coach Yu Bin Jiu Duan definitely thinks.”Marketization” refers to the emergence of “Go Go”.The traditional training model from a sports school to a sports team to the national team has a limited number of people. However, the “Go Field” set up in Beijing and other places is guided by famous experts such as Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun. The national team members will also give lectures, more talented.Of the young Go players were able to reach super first-class Chinese players, and their level improved rapidly.At present, there are 33 players with professional ranks born in 1998 after ten years, far exceeding Japan and South Korea.Hua Xueming believes that the Weijia League is a cutting-edge booster for Go.”Now, all of the teams in the Weijia League were born in 1998, and some of them have entered the top eight in the world.With the Weijia League, chess players can get a salary of two to three hundred thousand yuan a year, and parents are willing to let their children play chess.”Hua Xueming said that there are more children learning chess, and the monthly income of teachers reaches 10,000 or 20,000. The dynamic volume of teaching chess forms a virtuous circle.”There are networks and changes brought about by technology.In the impression of Yu Bin, the players of the national team played a game of chess two days ago, but now the young players play two games of the national team one day and return to the room to play four or five games online.Fly fast.  Shi Yue said that now the game can be seen immediately after the game. Hard-working young players will spend 10 hours a day studying Go.  In recent years, the Chinese Go team has developed a set of internal points rules, as long as the points are up to the standard, they can participate in the corresponding world competitions.The chess team’s internal competition is very strong, but in the international competition, teammates will be used as sparring players, it is difficult for Japanese and Korean players.In 2013, 6 young champions of Chinese Go, Zhou Ruiyang, beat Chen Yaoye 3-0, winning the 1st Braun Aoto Cup champion (born in 1991) and winning 2-0, Yuan Shengqin, and 17th LG Cup champion (1991)) Born) Fan Tingyu defeated Park Ting-Huan 3 to 1 and won the 7th Yingshi Cup (born in 1996) Chen Yaoye won 2 to 1 to Li Shishi and won the 9th Chunlan Cup (born in 1989) Zhi Yuting won 3 to 1Power, won the 1st “Mlily Dream Lily Cup” champion (born in 1996) Tang Weixing won Li Shishi 2-0, and won the 18th “Samsung Auto Insurance Cup” World Go Masters Sanban Championship (born in 1993)