Yilong is willing to fight any master, the hardest Muay Thai king star: when you have the courage, fight me
The Battle of the Century II, a Chinese monk Yilong and the Muay Thai prince sowed, ended on the 5th of this month. Although the scene did not occupy an overwhelming advantage, Yilong was favored by three scoring referees, three 29-28Yi Longsheng’s score announced the end of Boqiu’s 13-game winning streak against China.But the grievances between Chinese and Thai boxers are far from over, because there is another Thai king-level character who has taken a six-game winning streak in front of the Chinese warlord, and three of them have been tragically defeated by KO.The strong opponent is the star who is known as Thailand’s hardest man.Extended reading: Yilong secretly satirically begging to lose: losing the most destructive virtue, don’t scold the street shrew like Thailand’s hardest man star when he is not convinced 欲KO一龙为泰拳正名2016武僧一龙vs泰拳王播求二番战全场比赛集锦视频回放      2016年2月,星当独家签约中国原创顶级极限格斗系列赛拳星时代,至今共在拳Star Times won all 7 games, including KO opponents in 4 games.The strong leg sweeps like iron rods and the invincible deadly punches made Xingdang dominate in the Chinese arena. Six Chen Lichen, Zhang Chenglong, Liu Yong and other Chinese forces will all fight back in front of the hardest men. Xingdang’s compatriotsNopeng was kicked off his arm, and Xingdang is also known to more and more Chinese fighting fans.In fact, the strength of Xingdang has long been widely recognized in the industry, except that he mostly competes in Thailand, and domestic audiences did not know much about it in the past.Xingdang, now famous in China’s ring, also hopes to compete with the strongest boxers in China to further prove his strength.In September this year, Xingdang recorded a video called Ban Wu Monk Yi Long, expressing his willingness to fight with him.Xingdang emphasized that he has the hardest leg sweep, the attack firepower is enough to destroy a large number of good players, and Yilong also has the stunt of the golden bell cover, and his ability to fight is super strong. He really wants to see who is harder.Xingdang’s leg sweeping has repeatedly kicked the opponent’s ribs and arms, so it is named the hardest man. Yilong’s Golden Bell Kung Fu is more widely known. Whether his hard body and chin can resist Xingdang’s hardest leg sweepingIt is also a result that fighting fans are very eager to know.If the hardest man and the Vajrayana monk can finally go to war, it will inevitably set off a new round of Sino-Thai century matchup.The Yilong side did not respond to the challenge of Xingdang in time due to the preparation for the second battle.    Not long ago, Yilong updated his Weibo, he wrote: I am willing to learn and exchange with any outstanding boxer in the world, provided that Wude cultivation on stage and off stage is enough to be able to thank each other and enjoy hobbies and give back all the support, Is the original heart of virtue!!I also hope that the audience of the boxing fans can treat the victory and loss normally, so that our fighters can put down the pressure to better play a higher level.Courage, perseverance and perseverance are the greatest achievements and good inheritance of Xi Wu!!Don’t let the crown fame and fame stun yourself, don’t be hypocritical, do less shows, do more practical things. don’t forget the original intentions, you must always be!The victory is second to friendship and world harmony!This discourse reflects the supreme state of Yilong as a top martial artist. However, what the most boxing fans are concerned about is the first sentence Yilong said. I am willing to discuss with any outstanding boxer in the world. This sentence is regarded as all hope.The response of the boxer who challenged the monk, of course, included Xingdang. Previous page12Next page